February 2011

Cael’s Collection – Hal Trosky 1935 Diamond Stars

Cael’s Collection  – Cedar Rapids Professional Baseball Alumni Baseball Cards
This feature will highlight the baseball cards of Cedar Rapids professional baseball alumni that I have picked up over the years. Cael is my 15 month old son and someday all these will be his, so he gets the naming rights of this portion of my blog. Unfortunately for him, most of my cards are of minimal value, but the fun is in the hunt I suppose.

One of my favorite cards in Cael’s Collection is the 1935 Diamond Stars Hal Trosky card I picked up at Grand Slam Collectibles in Cedar Rapids. My parents taught me early that the vintage cards were always best. This one is a great example.

Hal Trosky Diamond Stars.jpgHal Trosky was part of the 1931 Cedar Rapids Bunnies squad that finished 2nd in the Mississippi Valley League with a mark of 74-52 under manager Paul Speraw. Hal hit .302 with three home runs in 164 at bats as an 18 year old.

Trosky played 11 season for the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. The Norway, IA native posted a career batting average of .302 with 228 home runs and 1012 RBI.

Hal Trosky Bio page from the Norway Baseball Museum

Welcome to The Sprouting News

Welcome to The Sprouting News. My name is Seth Dohrn. 2011 will be my 7th season working as the Stadium Operations Manager for the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Its a jack of all trades position. One of the best parts of the job has been getting to work with our Hall of Fame. Through the research, the collection and organization of our Hall of Fame, I have grown to truly appreciate the deep heritage Cedar Rapids professional baseball has and want to share it with other die hard Kernels and baseball fans.
The Sprouting News is an effort to deliver the in depth news, stories and history of professional baseball in Cedar Rapids, IA from 1890 to the present. Previously this information had been delivered through Facebook at our fan site. This blog will be an effort to continue to deliver that same in depth information in a different format. There will be some trial and error trying to find the best way to fit the “This Date in Kernels History”, MLB Alumni Reports and other features for the hardcore Kernels fans. All feedback and support is appreciated.
Baseball has always been a passion for me. There are some long hours during the season but you just can’t beat driving to the stadium for work each day. Something about the game, the stats, the summer afternoons and evenings at the ballpark calls out to people often in different ways, but baseball fans are all bound together by the love of the game.

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