Cael’s Collection – Cliff Mapes 1950 Bowman #218

bradenbell-thumb-450x253-2681381b.jpgCael’s Collection  – Cedar Rapids Professional Baseball Alumni Baseball Cards

     This feature will highlight the baseball cards of Cedar Rapids professional baseball alumni that I have picked up over the years. Cael is my 15 month old son and someday all these will be his, so he gets the naming rights of this portion of my blog. Unfortunately for him, most of my cards are of minimal value, but the fun is in the hunt I suppose.     I picked this early addition to the collection up off Ebay 2-3 years back. My dad and mom were Yankees fans so it rubbed off and yes i cheer for the evil empire when they aren’t facing the Angels. When the Yankees and Angels meet (like the 2009 playoffs), I just enjoy the game and hope for extra innings or in case of playoff series a 7 game series. The 1950 Bowman Cliff Mapes cards is one of the older ones in Cael’s collection. Trivia buffs will tell you Mapes is known one of the few guys who wore #7 in pinstripes before Mantle strolled into town.

Cliff Mapes 1950 Bowman b.jpg     Cliff Mapes was a member of the 1942 Cedar Rapids Raiders team that finished with a mark of 74-43 and won the Three-I League Championship under manager Ollie Marquardt. The Raiders defeated Evansville in the 1st round of the playoffs and then took down Madison in the Championship series. Mapes hit .241 with 11 HR and 16 doubles in 110 games in Cedar Rapids.

Cliff Mapes hit .242 with 38 HR and 172 RBI during his five year MLB career playing for the New York Yankees, St. Louis Browns and the Detroit Tigers. Mapes earned two rings playing for the 1949 and 1950 World Series Champion New York Yankees squads.

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