The Harvester – Harvesting the News for Alumni Reports

bradenbell-thumb-450x253-2681381b.jpgThe Harvester – Harvesting the News for Kernels Alumni Reports

This feature is a morning report sharing the links to recent news of Kernels Alumni. Previously, we updating these throughout the day on Facebook as they happened. I will be posting each morning to try and keep the links as relevant and fresh as I can. If something comes across during the day, it likely will sneak into another post. I always know our season is closing in when i lose an hour of sleep to daylight savings time. Cael doesn’t seem to mind. He slept in again this morning. Without further delay, Your Harvester Links for 3/14/11:

Final Bullpen Spots up for Grabs –

Angels’ Brandon Wood (2004) has Tim Salmon in his Corner –

Halos Rally for Win after Solid Start by Garrett Richards (2010) –

Angels Outfielder Chris Pettit (2007) now Healthy, having Impressive Spring –

Ervin Santana (2002) in Fine Form, Angels Shut down –

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