The Harvester – Harvesting News for Alumni Reports

bradenbell-thumb-450x253-2681381b.jpgThe Harvester – Harvesting the News for Kernels Alumni Reports


feature is a daily report sharing the links and news of Kernels
Alumni. Previously, we updated these throughout the day on Facebook as
they happened. I will be posting each morning to try and keep the links
as relevant and fresh as I can. If something comes across during the
day, it likely will sneak into another post. The Kernels defeated Kane County 5-4 in yesterday’s noon game to finish off a three game sweep. We head to Quad Cities tonight to start the road trip. Without
delay, your Harvester Links for 4/28/11:

Alexi Amarista (2008-09) went 1-2 in the Angels 2-1 extra inning loss to the Athletics. Peter Bourjos (2007) and Alberto Callaspo (2003) each were 1-4 in the game. Erick Aybar (2003) was 0-3 with a sacrifice, Howard Kendrick (2004) and Hank Conger (2007) each went 0-4 and Mark Trumbo (2006-07) scored a run as a pinch runner.

Rich Thompson (2003) struck out one in a scoreless ninth inning. Jordan Walden (2008) took the loss striking out one in one inning of work while allowing one run in the tenth inning of the Angels loss.

Mike Napoli (2001-02) went 1-4 with a double and two RBI in the Rangers 7-6 win over the Blue Jays.

Sean Rodriguez.jpgSean Rodriguez (2004-05) went 2-4 with a double, a RBI, stole a base and scored a run in the Rays 8-2 win over the Twins. Casey Kotchman (2002) entered the game as a defensive replacement. Joel Peralta (2001-02) struck out one in a scoreless eighth inning of the victory.

Alexi Casilla (2004-05) was 0-2 with a RBI, a walk and a sacrifice in the Twins 8-2 loss to the Rays.

Joe Saunders (2002) took the loss as the Diamondbacks fell 8-4 to the Phillies. Saunders allowed six runs in 5 2/3 innings of work while striking out eight batters.

Brandon Wood (2004) went 1-2 with a walk and scored a run in the Pirates 2-0 win over the Giants.

Jordan Walden (2008) adjusting to closer’s role –

Rookie Mark Trumbo (2006-07) fighting through slump –

Hip injury puts reliever Darren O’Day (2006) on 60 day DL –


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