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tommie aaron with hank aaron.jpgOn April 26, 1962, Tommie Aaron (1960 Cedar Rapids Braves) went 3-5 with a home run, a triple and 4 RBI while scoring three runs in the Milwaukee Braves 10-4 win over the Philadelphia Phillies at County Stadium.

Tommie Aaron, the brother of Hank Aaron, hit .229 with 94 RBI during his seven season career with the Braves. He hit a total of 13 major league home runs, with eight of them coming in his first year of 1962, but along with his brother’s then Major League record 755, together they hold the Major League record for the most career home runs between two brothers (768).

rich murray topps.JPGThe only other brother of a 500-home run man to play in the majors was Rich Murray, (1976-77 Cedar Rapids Giants) brother of Eddie Murray, who hit 4 home runs in a brief major league career.

Tommie Aaron was part of the 1960 Cedar…

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