Turn Back the Clock – April 22, 1903 – Cedar Rapids 7, Sioux Falls 0

This full article is from the April 23, 1903 edition of the Cedar Rapids Republican. It was coverage of a preseason game against the Sioux Falls Canaries held on April 22, 1903. The 1903 Cedar Rapids Rabbits featured five players who played in Major League baseball either before or after their time in Cedar Rapids (Harry Berte, Warren Gill, Belden Hill, Jack Himes and Barney Pelty).



Sioux Falls Team shut out by score Seven to Nothing – Good Pitching – Hard Hitting and Brilliant -Some Players Released

The lovers of baseball In Cedar Rapids who were not present at yesterday’s game missed a rare treat. The Sioux Falls team was shut out by the locals by a score of 7 to 0 and the locals was so pretty it elicited the hearty cheers of the spectators.

The pitching the hitting and the fielding was all good. Holmes, a big fellow with a delivery somewhat like McDougal’s of old, and an ease of manner that is never ruffled, stepped into the pitchers box at the clang of the bell and stayed there for the first five innings. In those five innings he allowed the Canaries four hits and one base on balls. He would probably not allowed the two hits in the fourth, but he knew that he had excellent support behind him and he heeded the advice of his manager and spared his good right wing. The fielders both in and out snapped up everything that looked dangerous and with such splendid support the pitchers didn’t have to be anxious. Warner, the captain of the Canaries, was the first man up and Holmes gave him a pass to first and repeated it next time he showed his classic face at the plate. But this was all the transportation issued by Holmes. Moore, who pitched the last four innings didn’t issue any. He pitched a faster ball than Holmes and only two safe ones were credited to the visitors off his delivery. Both these pitchers did some fine work.

  The batting was also good. So far as can be judged from the games already played, the aggregation of Rabbits this year is going to be a harder hitting lot than last. The old men are doing better and the new men are also showing up splendidly with the willow. Yesterday Berte laced out two three-baggers that won for him the enthusiastic cheers of the spectators, and Novacek also pasted out a three-sacker. Gill has a two-base hit tyo his credit and altogether the locals made eleven hits against the Canaries six.

The fielding was of the pennant winning kind. If the work of the fielders improves as much during the next week as it has during the past the Rabbits will open the season in fine form and will be dangerous opponents for any of the clubs in the Three-I League. Berte did some brilliant work at short. Three put outs and three assists go in his column but they do not express the ginger he put into his work yesterday. Pitcher Holmes also played a heady game with three assists credited to him being rewards for good judgement. Novacek at first started out shaky and an error let Depew get a base, following a free pass issued to Warner which made things look like bird seed for the Canaries. But after that Novacek played a better game. Kennedy had a fumble in the ninth which didn’t do any damage, but two other chances which went his way were taken. Hill at third had two put outs and altogether the work of the infield was of a high class.

And the work of the outfield was equally good. The star feature of it was a sensational running catch in the fifth inning by Pelty who superintends the right garden. Some of those who looked didn’t expect him to come within fifteen feet of the ball but he got it in his mitt and held it. The next ball batted described a majestic curve into deep left and Gather-‘Em-All-In Gill stood with his hands outstretched and caught it without moving an inch. Himes had three chances and accepted then in his usual easy style and a great throw from center to home plate was brilliant.

The Tale of Score

In the first inning Berte was given a base on balls and Kennedy went to first on a case of bad judgement by Swain. Himes was hit by a hot one and howled in anguish as he limped down to first. Gill followed with a single and Berte scored. Himes went to third on Hill’s out and Pelty was a victim in the pretty work between the pitcher and the first baseman for which the Canaries are famous.

The locals gathered two in the second. Berte laced out a grounder to left and the conductor didn’t ring the bell until he reached the third sack. Kennedy sent a single to the same place and Berte counted. Himes was run down between first and second base and he was the third man out. Smith and Holmes having retired before Berte went to bat.

In the third also the locals got one. Gill’s willow called on center field for a two-bagger and it was allowed without demur, Berte doing the trotting because the big fielder wasn’t able. Hill sent a single to left and Gill counted and the next three up went out in the same order.

In the fifth the locals made their seventh and last. Gill failed to find a foothold of the first sack and so did Hill who followed. But Jimmy Novacek socked out a glorious three-bagger to the extreme limits of the left garden and a moment later he was given a free trip home on a passed ball.

Getting better every day.

Cedar Rapids     AB  R  H  SH  O  A  E

Berte, SS                3   3   3    0   3   3  0

Kennedy, 2B        4   2   1    0   0   2   1

Himes, CF             3    1   0   0    3   0   0

Gill, LF                   4    0   2   0    2   0   0

Hill, 3B                  4     0   2   0    2   0   0

Novacek, 1B        4     1   2    0    9   0    1

Pelty, LF               4     0  0    0    2   0    0

Smith, C                2     0   1     0    6   1    0

Holmes, P            2     0    0    0    0   3   0

Moore, P              2    0    0    0    0   0    0

Berte                     0    1    0      0   0   0   0 – ran for Gill in the 3rd inning

Totals                   32   7   11   0   27  9   2

Sioux Falls         AB  R    H   SH   O    A   E

Warner, 3B         3    0     1     0    2     3   0

Depew, C             3     0    1     1     5     1    2

Zink, 1B               4     0    1     0   15    2    0

Steele, SS            4      0    0   0     1     4    0

Fulter, RF           4     0    0    0    0     0    0

Mackey, 3B        4     0    1     0    0     2     1

Swain, CF            4      0    1     0    1     0     1

Horner, RF         4      0   1      0    0     0    0

Hurst, P               4      0    0     0    0    5     0

Runs by Innings

Sioux Falls        0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 – 0

Cedar Rapids    3 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 –   – 7

Transcribed from the digital archives of the Cedar Rapids Library

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