Cedar Rapids Professional Baseball Alumni Bios – Bill Whitrock (Cedar Rapids Canaries -1891)

Bill Whitrock was the third player to make his Major League debut from our list of 384 Cedar Rapids professional baseball alumni who have played in Cedar Rapids either before or after their MLB debut. Whitrock played in the major league both before and after playing in Cedar Rapids. He made his big league debut on May 3, 1890 at the age of 20, playing for the St. Louis Browns. Whitrock posted a 5-6 record with a 3.51 E.R.A. in 16 games that season. He struck out 39 batters in 105 innings of work.

Bill Whitrock played for the Cedar Rapids Canaries the following season in 1891. Whitlock went 5-6 with a 0.90 E.R.A. in 11 starts for the Canaries who finished 41-47 under managers James Plumb and John Godar. The Canaries’ season ended early as the Illinois-Iowa League folded as franchises continued to falter throughout the season.

Whitrock returned to the big leagues with the Louisville Colonels (1883-84), Cincinnati Reds (1884) and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1896. He compiled a 9-19 record with a 5.35 E.R.A. over four big league seasons.

Bill Whitlock played nine seasons posting a 61-89 record with a 2.58 E.R.A. between 1890-1900. Whitlock played his final season with the Derby Angels in 1900. He retired there where he worked at a Main Street restaurant and at the Robert N. Bassett Company in Shelton. Whitlock passed away suddenly on July 26, 1935 at the age of 65.

The first article is from the July 23, 1891 edition of the Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette. It talks about the Davenport club failing and the effect it had on the rest of the league. Midway through the article, the story talks of a new battery joining the club as Bill Whitlock was set to join the team shortly.

The second article is from the August 29, 1891 edition of the Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette. It tells the story of the Illinois-Iowa League folding as a result of the Ottawa and Ottumwa organizations disbanding midseason leaving Cedar Rapids without opponents to continue its season. Cedar Rapids would not field another team until the 1895 season when they joined the Eastern Iowa League.

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