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This date in Kernels alumni history – November 12, 1923 – John McGraw

On November 12, 1923, John McGraw traded Casey Stengal, Bill Cunningham and Dave Bancroft from the New York Giants to the Boston Braves in exchange for Joe Oeschger and Bill Southworth. Bancroft, McGraw, Southworth and Stengal were all inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. All four managed after or during their career and only Bancroft failed to lead the teams they managed to a World Series championship.

John McGraw won ten National League pennants and three World Series titles during his 33 year career playing and managing the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Giants. McGraw finished with a 2763-1948 managerial record. He hit .334 with 13 HR and 463 RBI during his 16 year playing career for the Baltimore Orioles, St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Giants. He led the league in walks and runs scored in 1898 and 1899. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937.

John McGraw hit .276 in 85 games as the regular shortstop of the 1891 Cedar Rapids Canaries team that finished 41-47 under managers James Plumb and John Godar.